Big Fall Trends: Fuschia

In keeping with the bright theme of cobalt blue, fuschia is the next big fall tend we are going to talk about.

We really do love this choice. Though we might not wear a dress that was entirely fuschia like Ashlee Simpson did in this picture, we can certainly wear a fuschia blouse with a nice contrasting color like a black skirt or slacks. Or maybe it’s just the dress itself, because we really like this fuschia dress a lot more:

Or we can go for those fuschia shoes, which are absolutely fabulous. Since they are Nine West, they are more affordable than most fancy heels, retailing for $83 or less at most stores.

A few more fuschia pieces that we like:

Ok, so maybe this isn’t the best blouse for fall, but that really depends on where you live. In temperate climates, this fuschia Arden B. blouse can really pop.

This light fuschia necklace would be stunning all by itself or as an accessory when wearing other fuschia clothes, buy only from

You can even use some fuschia around your house to brighten up the really drab fall days, and it doesn’t have to clash with your décor, just like this subtle pillow.

  • Ilisha

    Where is that fuschia dress from?