Meet Jade from These Days

We were lucky enough to interview another Cali blogger that is just adorbs! Her name is Jade Elise from These Days. We love her effortless beauty and casual yet edgy style. Here she is rocking the Melie Bianco Adrianne Tote. Find out whose closet she would love to raid and her must have items she carries in her purse after the jump!

1.       Horoscope Sign:


2.       I would love to raid ____________’s closet:

Oh this is a hard one…lets go with Rachel Zoe!

3.       I am obsessed with:


4.       Three must have items I carry in my purse: (besides wallet and cell phone)

Lipstick (or chapstick), sunglasses, and my planner.

5.       Favorite thing about living in San Diego:

The weather is simply the best. And being next to the beautiful water.

6.       I started my blog because….

I found some other blogs and thought it looked fun! So I made my own, and here we are.

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