Miu Miu More Laetitia Casta, Please!

The quickly-growing Miu Miu brand (spawn of Prada) has announced their new spokesperson:

French beauty Laetitia Casta

Unless you were born in France or watch a lot of French cinema, you may not be familiar with the budding starlet. That’s because up till now, all of her roles have been in French movies. But the Miu Miu campaign is sure to make her a household name – to fashionistas, of course.

A little about Ms. Casta: her most recent releases were Le Grand Appartement and La Déraison du Louvre, both released last year. If you want to see her in action, you can rent some of her movies released in English, Savage Souls and Gypsy, or perhaps the mini series The Blue Bicyle.

Le Grand Appartement

mini series The Blue Bicycle

Casta joins a line of surprising ad campaign beauties cast by Prada to join the Miu Miu that includes Maggie Gyllenhaal, Chloë Sevigny and Kim Basinger.

Of course, our small editorial about Casta and Miu Miu wouldn’t be complete unless we informed you that Drew Barrymore has hawked Miu Miu before, and the current face is Lindsay Lohan. Just like Emma Roberts, let’s hope she doesn’t end up in rehab like some of the people who had her ad campaign job before her.